Find Azure Application Insights Resource by InstrumentationKey

I had a need to query some Application Insights logs, but all I had was the InstrumentationKey.

I didn't want to open each of the Application Insights instances and check the key (there were a lot), but as long as you have the Azure "Az" Powershell Module installed, you can run this script to print out all App Insights instances and their associated Instrumentation Key:

# for each subscription in context
foreach ($subId in (Get-AzSubscription).Id | Get-Unique) {
write-host "Subscription $subId"
# set context to the given subId
Set-AzContext -SubscriptionId $subId
# List the name and InstrumentationKey of all Application Insights resources in this sub
Get-AzResource -ResourceType Microsoft.Insights/components -ExpandProperties | select -ExpandProperty Properties | select Name, InstrumentationKey | ft

Hope this helps!



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