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Reaction Time Tester

I wrote this Silverlight app for my Cousin. The trickiest part was raising an event after a random amount of time for the "Wait..." portion of the test. I ended up using a "DispatcherTimer" and set the interval to a Random amount of seconds. Have Fun!

Monty Hall Test Simulator

Jeff Atwood ( Coding Horror , StackOverflow ) recently wrote a blog post about the Monty Hall Problem . So I thought I'd write a little app that simulates the tests. I have always thought the contestant has three options, Always Switch (66%), Always Stay (33%), AND Pick Again (50%). People who say your chance is 50/50 after one door is taken out of the equation, are Correct , IF you randomly choose the second door at that time. Check out the app below. WD = Winning Door. FC = First Choice. RD = Removed Door. SC = Second Choice.