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Silverlight Color Picker ComboBox (DropDownList)

During a Silverlight project I finished up a while ago I needed to create a "simple" Color Picker ComboBox (or DropDownList for us ASP.NET Developers).  By "simple" I mean limited to only a handful of colors, not as complex as something like Paint.NET (read PhotoShop) would provide.  This is the easiest solution that I found. The first thing you need to know is that the ComboBox has an ItemTemplate .  This template allows you to completely control the look and feel of each entry in the ComboBox.  From simple things like binding to a property to change the background color (hint hint, that is what we are about to do), to more complex things like changing the entire template based on the type of class being bound to this item in the ComboBox (ex: the ComboBox is bound to a list of "fruits" some are apples and some are bananas.  The apples all use one template, the bananas use a completely different template - powerful). We'll be binding this ComboBox