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ASP.NET MVC 5 User Admin

AKA (for google-fu): mvc 5 web site administration tool mvc 5 web configuration tool mvc 5 identity mvc 5 membership I have missed the Web Site Administration Tool that used to be included with Visual Studio. I created an alternative for mvc 4 you can find here . For mvc 5, I created an  Azure Site Extension  to provide the same functionality. It can be run from VS on your local machine as well as installed as a site extension on Azure. Links: extension: github repo: Hope this helps, Aaron UPDATE These are now published to

Gather Metadata For Each Column of SQL Table

Often when working with a new data set I'll run these queries to learn more about each column of data. For example, you can run a single query to union together aggregate data on each numeric column. Result looks something like this: Hope this helps, Aaron