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Find Azure Application Insights Resource by InstrumentationKey

I had a need to query some Application Insights logs, but all I had was the InstrumentationKey. I didn't want to open each of the Application Insights instances and check the key (there were a lot), but as long as you have the Azure "Az" Powershell Module installed, you can run this script to print out all App Insights instances and their associated Instrumentation Key: # for each subscription in context foreach ( $subId in ( Get-AzSubscription ).Id | Get-Unique ) { write-host " Subscription $subId " # set context to the given subId Set-AzContext - SubscriptionId $subId # List the name and InstrumentationKey of all Application Insights resources in this sub Get-AzResource - ResourceType Microsoft.Insights / components - ExpandProperties | select - ExpandProperty Properties | select Name , InstrumentationKey | ft } Hope this helps! Aaron

Simple Rules Engine in C#

There are some C# "Rules Engines" floating around however they rely on a no-longer-supported nuget package (dynamic linq)   I created this "SimpleRulesEngine" that does not rely on lambdas or expression trees. The expressions can be serialized to JSON.   I hope to get a simple example web application added to this repo as well, but I'm not sure when I will have time. Please check out the unit tests for now to see how this can be used. Hope this helps, Aaron