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Unique Characters

Ever notice how similar a lot of the "English" alphabet's characters look? The guy who put this together must have really phoned it in that day. He really could only come up with these: ABCDEFGHIJK_MNOPQRSTUV_XY_ and then just flipped a few around a bit to get up to 26: J L M W S Z And it isn't just those three, a lot of the original list look eerily similar to each other as well, but I guess we'll count them: B R E F H K M N O Q U V T Y Y X but then he needed to come up with 10 more numbers... well none of those are unique! 0 O 1 I 2 Z 3 E 4 P 5 S 6 G 7 L 8 B 9 P So in the end, if you are looking for unique characters that you can use, that will not be confused with any other characters, you're only left with: A well that isn't very many... -

Iowa at Michigan State

Iowa played Michigan State last night in East Lansing, Michigan. I am not a sports writer, so I will not attempt it here, but it was one of the best games of football that I have ever watched. A total of three field goals through three quarters of play, two goal line stands from under five yards out, and a last minute drive from behind by the Hawkeyes. There were records broken on both sides. All through the game they fought. -